Friday, April 22, 2016

Ransomware and the threat to Business

The higher the security becomes, the threats become more harmful. This is significantly true in the computer world where there are new vulnerabilities discovered every now and then. One of the most daunting threats in the past few years is Ransomware. It is a growing threat for many businesses as well as computer users.
Each month, you will hear about several ransomware attacks that take place and millions of dollars are made by those online criminals. Usually ransomware attacks are done through poisoned email attachments as well as malicious website ads. If you don’t have a good Internet security antivirus, it would be very difficult to prevent and be immune to these malicious attacks.
One of the best security companies in the world Bitdefender had predicted that such ransomware attacks will soon spread to Operating systems other than Windows and Android. This prediction is largely turning out to be true.

All phones prone to a Global cellular network vulnerability

Almost everyone in the current world uses a phone, as it is a technological device it stands a chance of being exposed to vulnerabilities. We have seen recent threats to some of the most popular operating systems including security loopholes in Android and iOS. But the devices of these operating systems are in a limited people’s hands. The biggest threat that can arise is when there is a threat to the whole global cellular network. It includes every single phone that is running on a network.